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Configuring IDEs for Pascal language

This page briefly describes how to config the Free Pascal Lazarus and PascalABC.NET IDEs for Pascal.

Free Pascal Lazarus

1. Download and install Free Pascal Lazarus IDE, (Windows, 32 bit or 64 bit version). When installing, pay attention to the directory in which the Free Pascal Lazarus IDE will be located, because the path to this directory will need to be specified when setting up the Free Pascal Lazarus IDE for the taskbook (by default, the Free Pascal Lazarus IDE is installed in the first level directory on the C drive, for example, C:\Lazarus).

2. Run the PT4Setup program (Start | All programs | Programming Taskbook 4 | PT4 Setup) and make sure that the taskbook has detected the Free Pascal Lazarus IDE. If the path to the executable file lazarus.exe is not found by the taskbook, then specify it by clicking the Browse button. Close the PT4Setup program.

As a result of the steps described above, the taskbook will be set up to be used with the Free Pascal Lazarus IDE for the Pascal language.


Download and install PascalABC.NET IDE, (PascalABC.NET StandardPack version, which includes PT4 taskbook). Since the Programming Taskbook is included in this IDE, no further steps are required to set it up. Note that all of the programs related to the taskbook can be run directly from PascalABC.NET IDE using menu commands, shortcuts, or hotkeys:

  • PT4Setup — Plugins | PT4 Setup
  • PT4Demo — Plugins | View tasks [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[D]
  • PT4Load — Plugins | Create program template [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[L]
  • PT4Results — Plugins | View results [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[R]




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